DTL Connect

Easy-to-retrofit photocontrol and remote for security lighting

The DTL® Connect Series photocontrol and remote empowers utilities to enable and disable difficult-to-access area and security lights from the ground with the touch of a button. Built upon the robust, long-life design of the DLL Elite, the easy-to-retrofit DTL Connect Series photocontrol and remote offer long-life relay performance and superior surge protection.

• Enables fixtures to be controlled from the ground

• Helps reduce maintenance costs by eliminating bucket truck runs

• Eliminates the need for pole climbing and ladder access

• Empowers utilities to dispatch anyone with the remote to the fixture, reserving the lighting technician for more technical jobs

• Features an easy-to-use three-button layout

• Installs simply and can be quickly retrofitted to existing security or area lights


  • Application Type : Outdoor Area, Security
  • Environment : Outdoor
  • Product Type : Outdoor Area Control
  • Series : DCC127, DCC347, DCC480