Decorator Style Momentary Push Button Override Switch

The LVPS low voltage override switch provides a durable and attractive solution to override lighting controlled by Synergy lighting control systems. The LVPS is a decorator style switch and uses standard decorator wallplates for single or multi-gang applications.

A pilot light is provided for each button so it can be used as one button for ON (top push button) and one button for OFF (bottom push button). Or, it can control two separate lighting zones with each respective button toggling a zone ON and OFF.

A terminal block is provided for all low voltage connections, eliminating the need for traditional spade type connectors or wire nuts.

  • Fits in single-gang wall box, 2" deep
  • Use standard decorator wall plate (not included)
  • Fits side-by-side for multi-gang mounting
  • 2 normally-open momentary switches
  • 2 low power LED indicators
  • Locator LED (for night light)
  • Clear button cap removable from the front
  • Label/symbol can be placed in button cap
  • Low power LED reduces wire gauge requirement
  • Specifications

    • Application Type : Classroom, Private Office
    • Environment : Indoor
    • Mounting Type : Wall
    • Product Type : Dimming
    • Series : LVRS