Distributed Load Controller, 0-10V DC Remote Mount

Plenum-mounted DEQ LC load controller provides on/off, dimming and automated daylight dimming control of lighting equipped with compatible four-wire electronic dimming ballasts.

The DEQ LC provides local manual control with fully integrated occupancy sensor and photocell inputs for automated energy management. It may be used as a stand-alone distributed room controller or connected to a Synergy~174; system for timeclock control and integration with a building automation system.

Ideal for applications which require manual or automatic control of RT5 or similar fluorescent fixtures equipped with step-dimming ballasts, fluorescent fixtures wired for inboard/outboard switching or two independent lighting zones.

  • The DEQ LC installs in the plenum above the area being controlled on a plaster ring and standard 4~8221; square junction box.~13;~10;
  • Microprocessor-based remote mount distributed controller integrates into Synergy system to provide intuitive control lighting. Compatible with all Synergy occupancy sensors for easy code compliance in a variety of applications.~13;~10;
  • Use Synergy power packs to switch up to two full 20A circuits on each DEQ LC, eliminating the need for home run wiring back to panel mounted relays.
  • ~13;~10;
  • DEQ LC load controller acts as a hub for the connection of the low voltage DEQ APS photocell, Synergy occupancy sensor, power packs and 0-10V dimmable ballast control leads. If desired, a standard wall switch can be used for local on/off operation making the control system totally unobtrusive to the user.~13;~10;
  • When connected to part of a Synergy~174; system, the DEQ LC can share status, set point and override functions with all Synergy~174; system controllers, PC graphics and other building control systems through the BACnet~8482; protocol.~13;~10;
  • Classification: Class 2 low voltage device.


  • Application Type : Classroom, Conference Room, Private Office
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Mounting Type : Surface
  • Product Type : System Controller
  • Series :