Synergy® Controllable Breaker Panel

Ideal for applications requiring circuit level remote control or lighting automation. Combines the powerful capabilities of the Synergy® lighting control system with the familiar footprint of a standard circuit breaker panel. This unique concept provides fully automated lighting control without the need to install both a relay panel and a branch circuit breaker panel. Also requires less wall space and will often provide a lower installed cost.

  • Scheduling - Using integral astronomic clock capability, lighting can be fully automated to conform to a rotating seven-day schedule. Astronomic feature provides dusk/dawn operation, eliminating the need for photocells. Holiday schedule allows entry of up to 32 periods. Blink-warn feature can blink lights automatically prior to a scheduled off.
  • Overrides - Use Synergy® Digital Remote Wall Stations or Distributed Controllers to provide manual control of any combination of breakers, and to override scheduled events. Each Wall Station can provide up to nine buttons with integral LED status indicators. A single four-wire cable is all that is required for connection of up to 60 Digital Wall Stations or Distributed Controllers. Optional switch input card also allows the use of traditional low voltage switches and other dry contact closure inputs.
  • Networking - SYBPC MLX panels can be networked together, and with other Synergy® switching and dimming panels to form a building-wide integrated lighting control system. Networked systems offer the flexibility of centralized control, monitoring and programming via a PC and the SYSW CONFIG software. SYBPC MLX controller integrates with building automation systems via native BACnet™ protocol.
  • Circuit Capacity - Up to 42 circuits with 100, 225 or 400-amp bus. Up to 5 enclosure sizes - 20"x36", 20"x48", 20"x60", 20"x72" and 20"x90".
  • Circuit Breakers - Controllable circuit breakers are available in 15, 20 or 30-amp single-pole or two-pole for 120/208-volt, 120/240-volt or 277/480-volt operation. Compatible with non-controllable breakers.


  • Application Type : Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Manufacturing, Parking, Retail, Warehouse/Storage
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Listings : UL
  • Mounting Type : Wall
  • Product Type : Switching
  • Voltage Rating : 120, 208, 277, 480