Outdoor Analog Photosensor

A low voltage analog photosensor that provides proportional ambient light level information to a Synergy® or SwitchPak® lighting control system for use in dimming, switching or daylighting applications.

  • Units for outdoor or skylight applications mount to J-box via integral 1/2” nipple.
  • Factory-calibrated for the foot-candle levels indicated
  • Connect directly to a Synergy® or SwitchPak® panel's analog input.
  • Configuration, setpoints and deadband all are remotely configurable from the Synergy® or SwitchPak® controller keypad.


  • Application Type : Atrium, Open Office
  • Environment : Indoor
  • Mounting Type : Surface
  • Product Type : Sensors
  • Series : LSA
  • Voltage Rating : 120, 208, 277