xCella Wireless System

Ideal for rooms and smaller areas, xCella switches and sensors are wirelessly paired with distributed relays to create mini-lighting control systems that talk device-to-device without requiring a central processor or gateway. Many of the sensors and switches feature "true wireless operation," meaning no power or communication wires are required because the sensors use available light, long-life battery or manual activation to power themselves. xCella devices may be connected to a GR2400 system for centralized management and reporting.
Simple-to-install sensors save energy
Turn off plug loads and set back HVAC when rooms are unoccupied

Automate thermostat setback or HVAC turn off when windows are open
Track room occupancy after door closures to avoid false-offs while occupants are studying or sleeping

Turn off lights, lamps and plug loads when unoccupied
Reset room operation between guests
Share occupancy information with housekeeping and front desk staff