ROAM is a wireless outdoor lighting management system that provides municipal, multi-site and large institutional customers the ability to monitor and control each fixture on their system.  The ROAM software can be centrally hosted by Acuity Brands, or locally hosted and maintained by the customer on their IT infrastructure.  

  • Unlimited fixtures
  • Self-hosted (Enterprise)
  • Centrally hosted (Concierge)
  • Multiple locations
  • Expanded diagnostic capability
  • Includes work order management

ROAM System Overview

ROAMview offers single-site customers with less than 2,000 fixtures a simple but powerful system for controlling and monitoring area lighting fixtures.  Simplicity of installation and use are the cornerstones of the ROAMview system.

  • Less than 2,000 fixtures
  • Pre-packaged server with software
  • Self-hosted
  • Simple to install
  • Single-site
  • Easy to use

ROAMview System Overview