Acuity Brands is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting, controls and daylighting. We have the broadest indoor and outdoor lighting selection available, featuring solutions with a variety of light sources designed for every application and every environment. Several of our featured environments include lighting for hazardous and construction areas, corporate offices, schools, hospitals, and hotels. Our diverse portfolio can tailor to every possible customer.
  • Indoor

    From ambient to accent and task, we deliver the highest quality lighting solutions for proven, affordable and reliable performance. 
  • Outdoor

    From street and roadway lighting to underwater, parking garage, area, pedestrian, flood and landscape lighting, our integrated lighting solutions are specifically designed to put light on task and to enhance safety, security and enjoyment.
  • Featured Technology

    Acuity Brands continues to expand lighting into new technologies including solid-state LED lighting integrated with digital controls, a full spectrum of LED-based lamps and the development of the ever-growing possibilities of organic LED lighting (OLED).