California Voluntary LED Lamp Specification


The Voluntary California Quality LED Lamp Specification applies only to LED lamps that are intended to be installed directly into incandescent light fixtures as an alternative to light bulbs. As such, the specification does not apply to many LED products that are now available on the market. For example, it does not apply to colored LED lamps, LED light strips, linear LED pin‐based lamps, LED rope lights, LED fully integrated light fixtures, LED lighting housings, or LED light engines not having American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standardized screw bases.

The California Specification is voluntary. It does not establish a framework for the California Energy Commission to certify or take enforcement action in regard to LED lamps, and it does not authorize the labeling of any product in any way as to claim compliance with the California Quality Specification.

The CPUC decision requires the utilities to rebate only LED lamps that are compliant with the California Specification, but it establishes a "transition period" of up to one year during which non‐compliant lamps may still be rebated.

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For full details see CEC Final Staff Report dated December 2012 and Energy Star for Lamps, v1.0, Draft 4 dated April 2013.