Wind Loading

AASHTO 1994 vs. AASHTO 2001

New code published in March 2001 includes

New wind design
Revised wind speed map for USA - Utilizes similar wind maps to ASCE/ANSI
Includes Appendix “C”
Revised wind pressure equations:P = 0.00256KzGV2IrCd (2001 AASHTO)P = 0.00256(1.3V)2CdCh (1994 AASHTO)

Fastest Mile Wind (1994 AASHTO)
Fastest-mile wind speed is the average speed during the time required for the passage over an anemometer of a volume of air with a horizontal length of one mile.
Three Second Gust (2001 AASHTO)
The 3-second gust wind speed is the average speed of the wind during a peak 3-second interval.