Instructor Led Training

Lighting and controls influencers and decision makers stay abreast of the most current industry products, solutions and practices. Trainings are offered both offsite and onsite from four regionally-located Centers for Light & Space.

To learn more about the educational seminars and training opportunities available and find a regional training near you, please refer to the below links.
  • Center for Light & Space | Berkeley, CA

    The Center for Light & Space Berkeley, home to Peerless® Lighting and OLED, is located just 30 minutes from San Francisco. CL&S Berkeley offers both application and product solution based seminars throughout the year.
  • Center for Light & Space | Conyers, GA

    The Center for Light & Space Conyers offer customers a well-rounded and dynamic curriculum; its close proximity to our product development specialists means ease of access to subject matter experts.
  • Center for Light & Space | Granville, OH

    The Center for Light & Space Granville, home to Holophane® Lighting, takes pride in educating and training its factory sales force. We provide customers with the same educational materials and information, as well as assistance with their lighting system requirements.
  • Center for Light & Space | New York, NY

    The Center for Light & Space NYC, located in the heart of New York City, delivers programs and events to provide valuable product solutions and technical knowledge transfer to the international lighting community.
  • Field Training

    Acuity Brands offers regularly scheduled in-field Instructor-Led training sessions at varies non-Center for Light & Space locations around the country.  Find a regional seminar near you!