Featured Spaces

Acuity Brands is the worldwide leader in lighting, controls and daylighting solutions that increase efficiencies, lower costs, reduce maintenance and perfectly fulfill sophisticated lighting design specifications. Our comprehensive portfolio delivers on all the promises of modern lighting for any environment – interior or exterior. We are dedicated to helping users achieve beautiful, sustainable illumination that enhances the quality of life. We fully understand the complex challenges that arise when illuminating unique environments. We are conscious of rising energy costs, and the pressure they create for smarter solutions. Most importantly, we draw on our decades of expertise to meet the needs of specific spaces, use that experience to discern what it will take to meet rapidly evolving needs and predict the solutions that shape the future of lighting applications. Learn more about how we apply our innovative lighting, controls and daylighting solutions to ensure featured spaces exceed their potential.
  • Residential

    Acuity Brands' offers quality lighting solutions that ensure residents and facility managers have lighting that is functional, attractive and energy-efficient.
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    Commercial Office

    The Acuity Brands commercial office product portfolio delivers lighting solutions for new construction and renovation projects across both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • education lighting, classrooms, media centers, libraries, labs, gymnasiums, dormitories, energy efficient


    Acuity Brands’ educational lighting solutions integrate electric lighting, daylighting, lighting controls, software and services to deliver the most appropriate lighting solutions for the task at hand in all areas of the educational campus. Together, quality lighting and efficient equipment provide a better learning environment, while maximizing energy savings and increasing productivity.
  • Healthcare

    Lighting solutions for the healthcare environment serve the needs of many individuals with varying requirements. From patient comfort to staff productivity to energy usage, there are high demands for a quality lighting solution. An Acuity Brands® lighting solution addresses these specific demands by integrating efficient light sources with digital controls to create smart healthcare environments.
  • industrial lighting, strip lighting, HID high bay lighting, low bay lighting, fluorescent lighting


    Acuity Brands Industrial Lighting solutions are specified for warehouses, industrial facilities, food processing and other special environment facilities as well as retail locations, schools, libraries, museums, offices, restaurants and arenas.
  • infrastructure, roadway, highway, access road, road lighting, street lighting, neighborhood lighting, parking lot lighting


    Infrastructure & Roadway lighting solutions by Acuity Brands offer the broadest portfolio of complementary street lights, monitoring systems and controls.
  • Retail

    Whether you are constructing a new retail facility or upgrading an existing one, Acuity Brands offers the broadest selection of energy efficient, high quality retail lighting and control network solutions.