Private Office

Merging new technology with stylish design

Innovative, intelligent lighting products and technological integration connect luminaires, controls, components and services. Our aesthetic expertise inspires a more personalized space with recessed and architectural fixtures, downlighting, task lighting, backlighting, wall washes and other creative options. Speak to an agent to learn more.

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RTL Private Office Solution

System performance, code compliance, reduced energy consumption – a single-source solution for all your commercial lighting concerns

RT Series Volumetric and EVO® Downlight Luminaires with nLight® control

  • Maintains overall illumination levels of office space with downlights for targeted lighting
  • Volumetric distribution balances directional and diffused lighting, resulting in a feeling of openness and better visual comfort
  • Wide variety of downlight distributions delivers tailored lighting to a private office while maintaining consistent form factor for minimalism and a quiet ceiling
  • Integrated nLight digital technology networks with occupancy sensors, photocells and wall stations for easy control and energy savings