Parking Garage

Safety, savings, efficiency: Integrated Parking Garage
solutions enhance all three

A top-of-the-line, integrated lighting system tops the list of must-haves for a well-designed parking garage. Our luminaires and controls are designed and built to work together seamlessly to offer visitors a more
comfortable experience and owners reduced energy and maintenance and configurability. Speak to an agent to learn more.

Parking Garage Solution Brochure

Case Study - Tishman Speyer


PGX Parking Garage Solution

Rethink parking garage lighting with Automated zone control 

A solution featuring PGX LED garage and WL LED stairwell luminaires incorporates XPoint Wireless™ networked controls can be programmed by zone to automatically sense approaching pedestrians or respond to daylight levels for meaningful energy savings.

       Illumination enhances a sense of safety

       Automation reduces energy consumption

       Increased maintenance savings vs. HID

       System-programming for easy operation