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Energy Savings

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The lighting industry is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate. Digital technology is producing significant reductions in energy usage and providing a better quality of light for the users of the built environment. 

New light sources are finding their way into all aspects of indoor and outdoor lighting applications and creating energy savings through higher efficiencies, longer source life and smaller form factors. 

But at Acuity Brands, that is only half of the story. Regardless of the efficiency of the light source, meaningful lighting energy is still wasted when spaces are illuminated while not in use. By combining lighting fixtures and digital controls we are able to maximize the potential of these technologies to create the most efficient lighting for every environment. 

Energy efficient digital lighting also has the potential to send and receive data like never before, integrate with other building systems such as daylighting, or connect to other elements in a room, building system, campus, or power grid. This integration of lighting, controls and daylighting presents meaningful and practical benefits to our customers. Acuity Brands is uniquely qualified and positioned to leverage this potential into specific and practical solutions for energy efficient lighting.