Quality of Light

An advanced, high-performance light fixture should not only be energy efficient, it should also produce the best quality light.   

Acuity Brands has dramatically raised the bar – and customer expectations – as it relates to the quality of LED lighting.  Every factor – from the color rendering index (CRI), color temperature and color consistency, to lumen output and heat management – is important to the quality of lighting, and all dependent upon specific applications.

Acuity Brands develops and participates in the installation of a vast array of indoor and outdoor applications with unique quality needs, including: commercial office spaces; schools and university campuses; metropolitan highways streets and walkways; healthcare facilities; industrial manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers; retail stores; parking garages and surface lots; national monuments, museums and libraries; and more…

Increasingly, studies confirm that quality of lighting is an important influence on mood, performance and even health. Lighting that is designed to match and/or complement the tasks at hand – whether studying, working or resting – offers the potential to affect alertness, accuracy and attitude.