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Lighting Renovation

Complete Solutions

A successful lighting renovation reduces energy and maintenance costs and delivers a more sustainable solution. The best renovations also enhance the visual environment, improving comfort, productivity and corporate morale.

Acuity Brands offers a range of lighting renovation solutions to meet the needs of any environment, and we understand each project presents unique lighting challenges. We support retrofits with lighting, controls and daylighting solutions. The result is better lighting quality with greater fixture efficiency.

By enabling smarter renovations, Acuity Brands products can reduce energy demands and costs by up to 50 percent.

An Intelligent Way to Smart Lighting

From start to finish, Acuity Brands is a customer’s ONE source to manage and support their lighting renovation project. Our Simple Lux™ program for is tailored to our national account customers. It provides customers one simple and unique solution to selecting, installing, managing and paying for their lighting.

With Simple Lux from Acuity Brands customers have the option to have their entire lighting project paid for in one low monthly payment and managed by one company. We offer our expertise throughout the project as we develop and deploy a tailored technology solution on-time and on-budget, with minimal disruption to occupied spaces.

Simple Lux will reduce operating costs, enable control and data analytics, and offer a renovation that is hassle-free.

National and corporate account customers can contact us at services@acuitybrands.com to find out how we can get you the lighting you want and need – and make a positive impact your bottom line. Download the Simple Lux Brochure.

Key Benefits

Whether a retrofit, relight, or complete renovation, Acuity Brands offers the right products to achieve better results, including: 
Energy Savings

Maintenance Savings

Improved Safety

Low watt solutions + controllability of systems lowers energy consumption

Lighting renovations often decrease overall maintenance savings over the life of the fixture

Updating lighting and controls can improve the safety of a space

Custom product configuration capabilities to meet specific requirements
Total Cost of Ownership

Utility Incentives

Improved Prdocutivity

Dedicated Project Management
Complete solutions allow maximum savings

Utility rebates may be available for upgrades to newer technologies

Improved light quality can lead to improved employee morale & productivity

Acuity Brands offers assistance every step of the way, from lighting layouts to project completion
A Smart Business Case for Intelligent Lighting

Acuity Brands also offers financing and rebate services to all of our customers. With fixed monthly payments, your equipment can generate revenue while you pay for it. This gives Acuity Brands’ customers the ability to conserve cash and take advantage of the tax benefits from financing capital equipment.

We have partnered with trusted financial institutions to provide flexible financing solutions to our customers, including the financing of product and labor expenses. Our partners have more than four decades of industry experience and the financial strength of more than $10 billion in equipment financing alone.

Download the financing and rebate flyer for more information or contact us at services@acuitybrands.com to start a project proposal.