lighting services

Lighting Services

Acuity Brands is leading the way of transitioning to all-digital lighting solutions to maximize performance, create better visual environments and increase energy savings. Our innovation doesn't end with products… a total lighting solution from Acuity Brands means providing customer-focused services that enable earlier adoption of smart LED lighting and simple networked solutions. 

Solutions that make sense, and save money

Acuity Brands offers financing and rebate programs in a simple, customized package. With no upfront investment, customers can feel at ease knowing their lighting solution is paying for itself and improving their bottom line. Get an improved lighting solution today, read more about how our financing and rebate offers can protect your cash flow. 

Lighting that delivers more

Energy efficiency is a driving force behind the switch to LED, but by making the switch, customers are opening themselves up to the new capabilities that digital lighting and control systems from Acuity Brands provide. Click here to read more about Smart Lighting Networks from Acuity Brands.