Smart Lighting Networks

Illuminating the Internet of Things (IoT)

By 2020, there could be more than 50 billion devices and 7 billion people connected. This has tremendous implications for cities and businesses and it is important to appreciate the value that technology advancements will deliver.

Connect, share and interact like never before... using lighting.

Over the next few years, millions of lights will be converted to LED technology. With an average life of more than 10 years, these choices carry long lasting impacts. Consider the additional value that Big Data, analytics and the IoT can deliver over that decade.
Lighting offers the ideal platform to enable the Internet of Things:
Ubiquity — where there are people, there are lights
Continuous Power for additional sensors & devices
Processing Capability for edge computing
Energy Savings from retrofit can help fund inclusion of IoT networking & sensors

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Smart Cities & Communities

Acuity Brands is partnering with Sensity Systems to transform energy-efficient LED lighting into a smart, connected platform for data-driven applications. As a result, customers – including municipalities, property managers, airports and universities – will get even more value from their LED systems beyond energy-efficiency and high-quality lighting. 

Smart applications born from the alliance will help customers enhance public safety and security, improve parking management, leverage location analytics and propel operations to the next level.

Click here to read the press release announcing the Acuity Brands/Sensity Systems partnership; the companies plan to roll out the technology with select customers in late 2015.

To read more about how LED lighting and light sensory networks are transforming cities, read the white paper titled, Creating a National Infrastructure to Power Innovation, Reduce Energy Consumption and Re-invigorate Cities.