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Daylighting for Health and Well Being

Daylight is full-spectrum, natural light that enables our natural circadian rhythms. Studies show that learning, working and shopping under daylight promotes occupant well-being.

Since 1978, Sunoptics® has designed and manufactured prismatic skylights and daylighting delivery systems that harness the power of the sun to maximize the cost-effective energy savings of daylighting in school, retail, and warehouse applications.

At Sunoptics, we believe There's no greater efficiency than off®!

Product Offering


Sunoptics skylights maximize light transmittance while eliminating undesirable hot spots, glare and UV damage to the daylit space.

Tubular Daylighting Systems

Sunoptics is the first to provide a tubular daylighting system with integrated controls to provide natural light, tunable-white LED or a combination of both.

Smoke Vents

Sunoptics UL Listed smoke vents are ideal for use in industrial and commercial buildings with emergency smoke evacuation requirements.

Curbs & Accessories

Sunoptics offers a full line of structural and insulated wood and metal curb options as well as, wire guards and fall protection.

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