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Leading the Path in Daylighting Technology

Since 1978

We are Sunoptics® Skylights and Daylighting Systems

Sunoptics® designs and manufactures prismatic skylights and daylighting delivery systems that harness the power of the sun to maximize the cost-effective energy savings of daylighting in classrooms, offices, retail and warehousing applications. Our skylights feature high-performance prismatic lenses that provide maximum light transmittance while maintaining 100% diffusion — which eliminates undesirable hot spots, glare and UV damage to the daylit space.

In 2017, our LightFlex LED set another milestone as the industry’s first tubular daylighting system with integrated controls to provide natural light, tunable-white LED light, or a combination of both – in the same system. 

At Sunoptics®, we believe There’s no greater efficiency than off!®


Revolutionizing the Daylighting Market

In 1978, Sunoptics introduced the prismatic skylight, a unique concept in skylight optical design. At the same time, Sunoptics created the 800MD frame design which eliminates the leak and condensation issues associated with standard industrial skylights. This new design, still in use today, helped Sunoptics offset the perceived negatives of standard industrial skylights. Sunoptics has worked hard to become vertically integrated and today is the only skylight manufacturer that produces its product from the raw plastic through to the finished product. We continue to concentrate our education and sales efforts on those applications with the greatest potential for energy savings through daylighting.


Along with making energy-efficient products, we contribute to sustainability by regrinding all our post-industrial scrap material. This allows us to provide a minimum of 50% post-industrial recycled content in our plastic. We also assist with LEED documentation, building code compliance and ROI analysis.
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Acuity Brands Acquisition

In February of 2011, Sunoptics was acquired by Acuity Brands. Said then President, Jim Blomberg: "For a number of years, we have been integrating Acuity Brands' LC&D lighting controls products, enhancing the value of our prismatic skylight solutions. This combination is a natural next step in our relationship and an exciting opportunity to leverage Acuity Brands' strong lighting industry access to market, advanced technologies, and opportunities to integrate with LED lighting and intelligent controls. This will also support the continuing development of new and innovative lighting solutions for our customers."