Commercial Applications

  • Industrial

    Warehouses and manufacturing applications are idea environments for using Sunoptics high-performance prismatic skylights along with LED lighting and lighting controls from Acuity Brands. Daylighting just 4% to 5% of the industrial floor area allows the electric lights to be shut off during 70% to 80% of the daylight hours.
  • Retail

    In the retail environment, Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights serve a dual purpose. Daylighting helps control operating costs by reducing electricity use while simultaneously providing full-spectrum natural light with CRIs of nearly 100. There is no better way to display merchandise than incorporating glare-free, diffuse full-spectrum natural light. Only Acuity Brands can offer you a holistic daylighting system for retail environments featuring skylights, LED lighting and lighting controls.
  • Education

    Daylighting is an effective method for reducing energy costs and providing a better lighting environment that supports learning. Consider using daylighting in classrooms, libraries, corridors, community learning areas an gymnasiums. When you daylight a classroom with an Acuity Brands daylighting system you can have the lights off 70% to 80% of the time.
  • Commercial Office

    Daylighting is a great way to bring natural lighting into open-ceiling and suspended ceiling office applications where limited side-lighting is common. Sunoptics commercial or tubular skylights are ideal solutions for open-office, small-office, conference rooms, training centers, atriums, and break-rooms. As part of an Acuity Brands daylighting system, you can easily integrate Sunoptics daylighting with Acuity Brands LED lighting and integrated controls to maximize energy savings.