The 1000 Watt Light Fixture with Zero Energy And Zero Carbon Emission
Every Sunoptics Prismatic Skylight will more than pay for itself with the money saved from reduced electric bills. For example, daylighting just 4% to 5% of the industrial floor area allows the electric lights to be shut off during 70% to 80% of the daylight hours. This saves not only electricity, but also lamp and ballast maintenance costs in the process.
If the building is used around the clock every day, the electrical lights can be turned off approximately 2,800 hours per year, with a lamp and ballast maintenance cost savings of 33%.

Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights:
Transmit more light with superior light distribution
Direct more of the transmitted light to the industrial work plane
Catch up to 30% more light at low sun angles (sunrise, sunset and winter months).
Provides more daylighting hours compared to any industrial skylight on the market
Cost competitive with standard industrial skylights while providing many more features.

Sunoptics' Patented Signature Series Skylight
Passes 200 lb. drop test from 2 feet above dome.
Passes 500 lb. concentrated load (1 sq.ft.) (see photo).
Passes 2040 lb. concentrated load. This photo shows a typical Wal-Mart 5' x 6' Double Glazed, Signature Series skylight, with 38 60 lbs. sacks of sand, for a total weight of 2,040 lbs. Over one ton of concentrated load without breakage or inversion.
Our Signature Series provides superior strength coupled with the optimum lighting performance your projects demand in the industrial environment.

Unique Signature Shaped Lens 
Photometric tests indicate 20% more light enters the building through our patented Signature Series Lens in early morning and late afternoon compared to bubble type skylights.

Smoke Vents
Sunoptics offers both double door FM-approved and single door UL fusible link smoke vents to be used where fire codes mandate their use.

Safety Security Guards for Your Peace of Mind
Though our skylights have the highest structural integrity of any plastic skylight in the industry, plastics of all types eventually age through UV degradation from the sun. Safety security guards provide a lifetime of fall protection for he owner and allows for protection under all OSHA fall protection requirements. The safety security guard is installed to the skylight curb either by welding into a new curb or fastened using a Z-Channel frame or clip system. Impact tested by Testing Engineers, Inc. (using a 245 lbs. lead weight dropped from a height of 3 feet), the security guards are fabricated in a 4" x 4" welded grid pattern using 3/16" cold-rolled galvanized steel rod. This diameter minimizes light loss while providing protection during new construction and future re-roof scenarios. The guards eliminate the need to install temporary railings around each skylight opening and permanently protect against accidents or intrusions.

Types of Industrial Skylights:
Single glazed fixed industrial skylights
Double glazed fixed industrial skylights with insulated thermal break frame
Triple glazed fixed industrial skylights with insulated thermal break frame
Single glazed smoke vents
Double glazed smoke vents
Single glazed continuous venting industrial skylights
Multi-light units for large custom skylight solutions