Commercial Office

You Set The Control And Our Daylighting System Keeps Your Light Level Constant
For office applications, Sunoptics recommends a user-controlled combination of natural and electric light sources with louver-controlled daylighting.

Sunoptics' office daylighting system uses natural light from our prismatic skylights as the principal source of daytime lighting. Electric lighting is used as a supplement. On bright days, the skylights provide adequate light by themselves. Electric lighting may be needed early in the morning and late afternoon or on cloudy days and at night.
The system is simple to operate. The user sets the desired lighting level and the system automatically does the rest!

How it Works 
The system is pre-calibrated to the illumination level produced by the electric lighting only, measured at night. The system will then adjust the louvers and turn on or off the electric lighting as needed to maintain the room illumination level. On the wall-mounted Sunoptics LCM Control Panel a light level adjustment knob and a timed electric override button give the user complete control while maintaining energy savings.
A photo cell light sensor monitors the amount of light entering the room by reading the light in the skylight well under the louvers.
As the natural light increases or decreases due to cloudiness or time of day, the louvers adjust automatically and the electric lighting turns on or off as needed to maintain the desired room illumination levels.

Types of Office Skylights:
Skylights with louver detail
Double, triple and quad glazed, pyramid/double-hip