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EZY Curb™ Continuous-Run Skylight Mounting System for R-Panel Metal Roofs

By Sunoptics

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Most buildings with R-Panel metal roofs tend to use inefficient, poor-performing fiberglass panels to provide daylight. Fiberglass-panel skylights are prone to leaking, discolor easily and can prevent the benefits of daylighting in your space.

Enter the EZY Curb™ EZYCS continuous-run daylighting system from Sunoptics®. The EZY Curb™ EZYCS system is a modular-curb system ideal for R-Panel metal roof installation. It can be installed at a much lower cost than traditional curb-based systems - making the use of Sunoptics high-performance skylights a true option when budgets are constrained.

The EZY Curb™ system is made from powder-coated galvanized steel and features high-performance prismatic skylights with long-life properties that often mirror the life of the roof system. To ensure a quality install, EZYCS may only be installed through approved EZY Curb™ installers. Please consult Sunoptics to be connected with an installer who can assist you with your next project.

With 5- and 10-year limited leak-free warranties, Sunoptics® skylights bring your space to life using natural, glare-free daylighting.

For renovation projects, consider EZY Curb ESYSA for one-for-one replacement of existing fiberglass panels.

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Light Source Daylight
Compliance Listing BAA
Product Type Curb
Primary Material 18 Gauge Non Structural
Series EZYCS
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  • Spec Sheets

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    SPEC SHEET EZY Curb.pdf Specification Sheet for Sunoptics EZYCS Continuous-Run Modular Curb System 9/16/2019 View
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  • Technical Documents (e.g. Instruction Sheets, MSDS, CAD)

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Installation Instructions EZY Curb Installation Guide.pdf Installation Guide for EZY Curb™ ESYCS Daylighting System for R-Panel Metal Roofs View
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    Brochures Sunoptics EZY Curb Brochure.pdf EZY Curb™ Skylight Mounting System for R-Panel Metal Roofs View
    Brochures Sunoptics EZY Curb brochure_Spanish.pdf Folleto en Español, Sunoptics EZY™ Curb View
    FAQ EZY Curb_FAQs.pdf Frequently Asked Questions View
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