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All Skylights are Not Created Equal

When evaluating skylights, ask for third-party testing of each applicable product for required performance.

Third-Party Testing

Raising the bar in quality and performance, Sunoptics products are tested and certified by third-party independent organizations to ensure compliance to safety, quality and performance standards. From hurricane and hail ratings to military-grade compliant, we've got you covered.


IBC-IRC Code Compliance Research Report

Curb Mounted SSG Test Report FP.001

Curb-Mounted Fall Protection Report

Double-Hip A440 Test Report L

Double-Hip A440 Test Report L

Double-Hip A440 Test Report W

Double-Hip A440 Test Report W

DSET Labs - VLT Test Results

Light Transmittance Report

ESR-3362 - 19-20

ICC-ES Evaluation Service Report for Plastic Sheet

ESR-3557 - 19-20

ICC-ES Evaluation Service Report for Skylights

External Skylight Guard ESFP Test Report

Drop-Test Report – External Skylight Fall-Protection Guard

FL14086 HVHZ Approval

Florida State HVHZ Approval

FL-AZ - 10-yr VLT Testing

10-year Visible Light Transmittion in FL and AZ

FM 4431 Approval Test Report

FM 4431 Approval Report for Signature Series Model 800MD prismatic skylight

Lighting Research Lab Report

Field Measurement of Skylight Performance Report

Multilite A440 Test Report

Multilite A440 Test Report

NFRC Certification of Authorization

NFRC (U factor and SHGC) Certificate of Authorization

Signature Series A440 Test Report

A440-05 Report for Signature Series/Model 800MD skylights

Skylight Fall Protection System Report

Skylight Fall Protection White Paper

Skylight Fall Protection Burglar Bar Test Report

Drop-Test Report – Internal Skylight Guard; Burglar Bar

Skylight Fall Protection GUARD Test Report

Drop-Test Report - Safety Guard, Skylight Fall Protection System

Skylight Fall Protection SIG Skylight Safety Test Report

Drop-Test Report – Signature Series Skylight Safety Test