Case Studies

Wilson Elementary Case Study

Eneref Institute examines the benefits of lighting controls with natural interior daylight in classrooms.

Daylighting School Case Study

>>Download the Wilson Elementary Case Study

Karndean Warehouse Case Study
Eneref Institute examines how a holistic approach to lighting improves morale and performance in a warehouse facility.

Daylighting Warehouse Case Study

>>Download the Karndean Warehouse Case Study

Electri-Flex Facility Case Study
Electri-Flex wanted green roofing solutions, lowered indoor temperatures, and improved energy efficiency, with Sunoptics skylights as part of those goals.
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Florida Distributor Case Study
Seeing is believing for one Florida distributor.
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Akins Car Dealership Case Study
One Georgia car dealership is savings thousands with their renovation including Sunoptics prismatic skylights.
» Download Akins Car Dealership Case Study
Alvin Jr. High Case Study
How one Texas school district used Sunoptics LightFlexto brighten a science classroom.
» Download Alvin Jr. High Case Study
Nissan Facility Case Study
Read about the success Butler Builders are experiencing with Sunoptics skylights.
» Nissan Facility Case Study