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Sunoptics Brochure
For 30 years, we have focused exclusively on prismatic lens technology for our skylights. Our daylighting systems are designed to maximize visible light transmission with 100% diffusion – for the highest levels of glare-free natural light into the building.
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Sunoptics for Food & Retail Markets
Bring the daylight in to help boost sales and improve your food or retail environment with Sunoptics skylights.
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Signature Series Brochure
Details the superior features and design of the Signature Series dome.
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Daylighting Code Cheat Sheet
A quick reference guide of U.S. local and national codes about daylighting.
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LightFlex™ Brochure
Numerous independent studies link daylight and exterior views to higher levels of satisfaction and productivity. The LightFlex™ daylighting system is the latest innovation from Sunoptics®, a worldwide leader in high-performance prismatic daylighting solutions.
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Top 10 for Success with Sunoptics
The top ten reasons using Sunoptics skylights will create success for your business or facility.
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LEED® Brochure
The use of Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights in green building design provides multiple opportunities for a project to earn credit toward LEED® points. These opportunities are presented below in conjunction with the LEED® 2009 guidelines for New Construction and Major Renovation where the opportunities may exist.
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Sunoptics FAQ's
Since 1978, Sunoptics’ mission has been to harness the power of the sun to maximize the cost-effective energy savings of daylighting. We extrude and form our own skylight lenses and do complete glazing assembly in-house ensuring consistently reliable quality, even for custom skylights and smoke vents. We also regrind 100% of our post industrial plastic and aluminum to provide a high level of recycled content in all our products.
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SkyCalc Request Form
Complete this form to have one of our representatives visit your location for a SkyCalc evaluation to maximize daylighting in your project.
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CLEAR ARMOUR™ The World's First Factory Mutual Approved Polycarbonate Prismatic Skylight. Offering a 5 yr Hail Proof Warranty, 10 Year Leak Free Warranty, and 32 Years of High Performance Daylighting Experience in the highest visible light transmission with 100% difusion available
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