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Lighting Design Today

is centered on human health and well-being; while at the same time lowering energy use, meeting code and being sustainable.

Why Daylighting?

It's natural, and it's free! Intuitively, we all sense that natural daylight is best. It enables our natural circadian rhythms. Studies link daylight and exterior views to higher levels of satisfaction and productivity. They also show that learning, working and shopping under daylight promotes occupational well-being.

At Sunoptics, we believe There’s no greater efficiency than off!®


What is Daylighting

Daylighting is the controlled admission of natural light, direct sunlight, and diffused-skylight into a building to reduce electric lighting and saving energy. Daylighting helps create a visually stimulating and productive environment for building occupants, while reducing as much as one-third of total building energy costs.

Why Sunoptics

Sunoptics is the most innovative, technologically-advanced daylighting company in the industry. Our products provide 100% diffuse, glare-free daylight that helps reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. As an Acuity Brands company, only Sunoptics provides the advanced lighting and controls technology that allow natural daylight and tunable-white LED electric light to work seamlessly together.