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Economically and Environmentally

Daylighting makes sense

Benefits of Daylighting

Daylighting provides superior quality, full-spectrum, flicker-free light that positively impacts behavior. In study after study, daylighting is correlated to dramatic improvements in human performance in retail, workplace and educational facilities.
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Daylighting Can:

  • Increase retail sales
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase grades
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve product quality

A study initiated by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company showed that students with the most daylighting in their classrooms progressed 20% faster on math tests and 26% faster on reading tests in one year than those with the least.

In the retail setting, daylighting dramatically increased sales—one study showed a 40% increase in sales in daylighted stores when compared to identical non-daylighted stores.


Economic Benefits

Daylighting can replace or augment electric light for 70- 80% of daylight hours. When used in conjunction with LED lighting and controls, it can reduce the overall energy costs of operating buildings during the day such as schools, offices, warehouses, factories and retail stores.

Environmental Benefits

Daylighting contributes to cutting energy use and pollution. By cutting demand for energy production, we cut pollution, too. Over the long term, use of daylighting can help reduce greenhouse gases and other by-products of generating electricity

With an expanding population and finite natural resources, it is critical to develop and implement energy-saving solutions that meet the needs of society without impacting future sustainability.

If designed and implemented correctly, daylighting can deliver environmentally neutral lighting to interior spaces. Once a daylighting system is installed, there is no ongoing impact as there is no pollution, no sources to maintain, no energy drawn, and little fixture maintenance required over the life of the product

Together we can make a difference in building a sustainable energy future and a sustainable planet.